Parenting and Houseparenting

Training Workshop

The main thrust of my workshops is to explore parenting from the exclusive perspective of God's counsel; the Bible. When this angle of parenting is applied, it is effective and fruit bearing in the lives of children. When you extract expertise from the one who has created all children in His image you are embarking on a powerful juncture that will work for you.

It is when we trust and believe the counsel of the word of God that we will open ourselves to a wonderful benefit. Many miss these benefits because they might depend on their limited experience of parenting and the imperfect counsel of others. God's word is sure and perfect; it is absolute and given to fully use. The Bible's advice and our relentless openness to God's instruction is what we will solely look to for guidance and direction as we look at examples and gain ideas in Christian parenting; the key is application of God's truth in all parenting situations.

The outcomes of the workshop include:

•Revive and refresh parents and houseparents.
•Build up parents and houseparents who are less than perfect.
•Refocus parents and houseparents on the essentials of Christian parenting.
•Help parents/houseparents learn organizational skills that work in childcare and with rearing children.
•Teach parents/houseparents Biblical concepts related to caring for children.
•Help to restore heartbroken parents/houseparents and their relationships with children who have hurt them.

Some subjects Addressed include:

•Being a Godly Parent/Houseparent
•First things First
•Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other
•The Nature of Children Today
•Children and Their Sins
•The Garden of a Child
•Divine Discipline
•Loving the Unlovely Child
•Train that Child
•Children Putting on Christ
•Anger and Children
•Respect and Children
•Turning a Child's World Upright
•Basics of Teaching Children
•Behaving when Children Misbehave
•Communicating with Children
•Painful Parenting

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