Johnnie provides inspirational devotionals every morning on Facebook.  These Bible based devotionals are integrity centered and growth provoking. You will enjoy them and have a wonderful honest journey of practical application of God's Word.
These candid devotionals speak to real life issues, challenges, and problems that Christians deal with everyday. They provoke spiritual growth and development as they encourage holy living and becoming honorable and pleasing to God.
In order to view these devotionals, simply send a friend request to Johnnie Coley and you will be accepted and ready to benefit from these powerful and life changing words of life. All of the commentary for these devotional thoughts are derived from the content of God's holy and inspirited Words (the Bible).
Sample Devotional: Example #1
Have you ever judged someone because of the visible scars carried from the past life that has been lived? The battle wounds from the wars that were lost don't instantly go away when a person puts on Christ. Even the life changing waters of baptism doesn't remove the sinful life threatening scars that we see in others from their past. It has been difficult for so many young Christian's to freely live beyond the sinful entanglements (the baggage) brought on by self gratifying behavior, but through Christ it becomes possible.
What a blessing to live with the comfort of knowing that God has forgiven the deepest debt we owe and the most shameful thing we have done. In addition to that huge blessing, He doesn't remember our forgiven sinful wickedness from the past any longer (Romans 8:12). When we see the scars from the lost fights with sin in others, let's become the vessel that God uses to help heal the wounds. We need no longer judge or laugh at the tragedy of sin's scars when we see the visible damages from past sinful immorality. Let's do what God did for each one of us. Let's forgive and fail to remember. By doing so, many will experience Jesus through us.


Sample Devotional: Example #2

Our past may explain some of the specific struggles and temptations we might have, but it will never excuse ungodly conduct. Isaiah 43:18 says do not ponder on the past. Paul says to forget about the past and reach toward what lies ahead (Philp.3:13). There are circumstances that lies ahead for every child of God. He will use them to transform us into His likeness. Let's look forward as God brings us face to face with change and honor Him with complete obedience regardless of our past.

Not Guilty! As a Christian, today I am reminded of the not guilty verdict that I received from God through Jesus Christ. I too committed arrogant, terrible, selfish, unlawful, sinful, crimes and acts that pierced the heart of the loving Almighty God. He like this jury has given me a Not Guilty verdict. And like George, I was justified and pardoned only to given a life changing experience that would posture me to turn with my whole heart to God.
The evidence of a second chance has been staged so magnificently. Do you remember when you got that huge second chance? To God be the glory for His creative ways of getting us to see a little bit of ourselves through media events.
There will always be tough things to deal with in this life. Death, poor health, loss of a job, cancer etc. are not our greatest struggles. Our greatest struggles are the secrets, sin, darkness and ungodliness that prevent us from becoming everything He (God) created us to be. Let's have the conviction to change while there is still time.
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