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Parenting with Power

It is often said that children don't come with a set of instructions, but nothing could be further from the truth. God, the first and perfect parent, did not intend for us to parent His creations (all children) without Him and the Biblical instructions that He made available to us.

Parenting with Power brings a new perspective to parenting that focuses on using the perfect patterns exemplified in God's Word. We will explore God's perfect methods and designs for parenting, as well as how following His practices will impact us and prepare us for eternity.

Johnnie has a way of captivating your attention as she deals with the real life issues and hardships of raising children in the world today. She gives life examples that probably have happened in your home and provides strong biblical guidelines for dealing with them. She will tell you the absolute truth and love you all the way to becoming a more spiritually centered parent as she inspires you to use what God has placed within your reach.

Parenting with Power presents the divine "How-To" advice for:

• Disciplining with love
• Communicating in harmony
• Training with style
• Dealing with anger
• Preparing for life,and much, much more


Yes Dear, There Really is a Devil

Have you ever found yourself saying, YES, DEAR, THERE REALLY IS A DEVIL? Are you looking for a way to teach the truth of God's Word and equip your children for spiritual warfare? If so, join our young adventurers on a journey as they learn to avoid Satan and his snares with the protective Shield of Faith and the powerful Sword of the Spirit. With choices to make and battles to win, find out how they overcome obstacles and emerge victorious.


Unpublished Books:

The Truth About You: The Resurrection of the Sinful Nature

Many Christians start their walk with God with the genuine intention of walking with Him for a lifetime. Being baptized into Christ brought about the death of the sinful nature. It announced a new and forgiven you and a clean record with a fresh start. It actually changed and eliminated all of the deadly charges that were against you.

However, over the course of time trials, tests and many distractions, the Christian that set out on a lifelong Godly journey sometimes finds himself lured back into old mindsets and behaviors from the past. The part of you that died appears to be in a resurrection mode. You see, the evidence of this resurrection in your life is the warning sign to get back to the foot of the cross to ensure the death of the sinful nature. Are you ready to get started?

The purpose of this book is to review the characteristics of the sinful nature and embrace principles from the Bible to help us to learn how to keep what is dead from coming back to life. Now is the time to sincerely change so that when the Christ returns we will be prepared to go with Him.


New Birth in Christ

This book is very helpful in that it was birthed :

•To design a tool that can be used in one to one bible study and training to address issues that are common to adults who have become newborns in Christ.

•To attend to some of the needs of the spiritual infants and toddlers as they prepare for Heaven, the Day of Judgment, and for their Ministry of Reconciliation.

•To help the spiritual infant with the unnecessary stumbling and falling that often occurs in early stages of their spiritual development.

•To teach the Christian Adult infant what a Christian does everyday to help with balance, consistency and a life pleasing and acceptable to God as they live in this world.

• To eliminate conditions that cause failure to thrive, malnourishment, spiritual paralysis, and spiritual abnormalities in adult spiritual babies.

•To provide the malnourished with support and motivation to grow in Christ.

•To show the Adult infant how to rule over his spirit in order to reach fulfillment in Christ as they live in a world that is depraved and passing away. 

•To provide some help to the one who has been in Christ for many years but has never really committed their whole heart in child like faith to God. This tool will help with a new start and a re-start.

•To discourage staged performances in spiritual growth and development, and encourage being real with yourself and God.

•To help open the eye of infants, whose eyes have been closed since their spiritual birth.                                                         

Music CD's

Moving Upward, From Darkness to Light

As an adult, I made the decision to get serious about living for God. I put away playing church and came to God with a broken heart, confessing my deepest darkness and with a willing desire to follow God's lead and develop a relationship with Him.  The secret dark sinful places in my life needed to be forgiven, cleaned out, and redeemed in order for me to get to the light that God created me to live in. He did all of that for me in I Corinthians 6:11, "And such were some of you, But you were washed, but you were sancified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God".

Momma I'm Gonna Miss You

My mother smoked cigarettes for more than 50 years and contracted lung cancer. Both her life and death penetrated my world in a way that  made a huge impact in life and my relationship with God.

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